The pride

Pride for its origins and passion for the Sicilian land, tenacious and generous, able to reveal his kind side only to those who know how to love her and take care of her. The history of Fondo Antico and Polizzotti-Scuderi Family has its roots in these values, whose visible manifestation we find in the 80 hectares of vineyard located in Contrada Portelli, in the Trapani area.

The soil

The Estate, owned by the family since early 1800, was originally dedicated to the cultivation of wheat and cotton. Around 1920 the first vineyards were planted and the family started to produce wine in Baglio of Rilievo, located 7 kilometers from Portelli. The structure, close to today’s productive center is still used today as a Hospitality Center for the guests.

Feet well anchored in Sicilian traditions and a view to the future, beyond the Egadi Islands that watch over the Estate. This is the way how Fondo Antico introduces itself today to his Italian and International customers. The passion for the Sicilian territory, the centenary experience in viticulture and the respect for their origins are combined with research, innovation, team work, curiosity to venture towards new horizons, to communicate our wines and introduce this corner of Sicily to the world.

All these elements, masterfully balanced create the inimitable synergy that enables Fondo Antico to produce extraordinary wines.

As the coral branch from the coastline for the people of Trapani, so every wine represents for Fondo Antico a precious gem to be treated with care and to be promoted, as an invaluable richness of this territory that has to be protected. Apotropaic symbol and source of local support between the fourteenth and fifteenth centuries, the coral is became the graphic representation of the company philosophy, the Fondo Antico logo.

The beginning

From 1960 and until 1995, when Giuseppe Polizzotti took over the management of the estate, the annual harvest had been shared with local wine cooperatives, and the remaining part was pressed at the estate. In 1995 under the careful guidance of Giuseppe Polizzotti, the modern Fondo Antico was born. Its name represents a tribute to the toponym by which local people in ancient times, used to call this land in Contrada Portelli, where it all began.

The winemaking

…with the passing of time, this land has conquered me more and more every day, and I grew so fond of it that I eventually decided to follow in my grandfather’s and my father’s footsteps, the ancestors who understood that viticulture could be a form of income and livelihood for their families.

This strong and generous land has always been suited to viticulture and my love for it brought ​​me to learn the art of winemaking.