Signature Line

Il Coro | I.g.t Terre Siciliane 
Memorie | Nero D’Avola I.g.t Terre Siciliane 
Baccadoro | Passito I.g.t Terre Siciliane 

As the name suggests, it is composed of wines that reflect Fondo Antico personality. Through the use of historical winemaking techniques, from Sicilian traditions, We get wines that may stir emotions that only Sicily is able to convey.

Metric Line

Grillo Parlante | Grillo D.O.C Sicilia 
Sole | Inzolia D.O.C Sicilia 
Bello Mio | Zibibbo I.g.t Terre Siciliane 
Lumière | Chardonnay D.O.C Sicilia 
Aprile | Nero D’Avola D.O.C Sicilia 
Nenè | Nero D’Avola D.O.C Sicilia 
Per Te | Perricone I.g.t Terre Siciliane 
Le Clay | Syrah D.O.C Sicilia 

The metric is the rhythmic structure of a poem, described through the length, type and accentuation of the verses and the type of rime used. With this group, we are looking for something more particular, more articulated, more exclusive. Wines are single variety, whose production technique is aimed to enhance the varietal profile itself.

Sparkling Wine

Lulù | I.g.t Terre Siciliane 

Similarly, as time passes, Lulu’s bubbles soothe in the glass.
Today we have the pleasure to introduce you to Lulu, the first #FondoAntico’s sparkling wine made with the #charmat method. Lulu is a sea sparkling wine, reminding the smell of citrus fruits, the Mediterranean scrub, and white pulp fruit. The taste is fresh and savory with a lively perlage.
A wave that carries with the salty Sicilian wind. A wave to drink.

I Versi Line

I Versi Bianco | I.g.t. Terre Siciliane 
I Versi Rosè | I.g.t. Terre Siciliane 
I Versi Rosso | I.g.t. Terre Siciliane 

I VERSI is the basic metric unit of the poem. It marks and directs the reader to interpret the text focused not only on its meaning but also on how it is expressed and organized. For this reason, our I Versi red, white and rose wine are the foundations of our line. The wines are obtained both from native and international varieties managing to captivate both the most demanding consumer, whether the consumer with a less educated palate.