After the large numbers recorded in last year’s edition, the 11st and 12nd of May will be back with Avvinando Wine Fest in its usual location, the Cantieri Culturali Zisa enriched with many new features, starting from the double day Saturday-Sunday, instead of Friday- Saturday as in 2018. Not only wine this year, but also grappa, bitter, oil, salmon.

The event is part of the calendar of events of significant interest for the year 2019 of the Sicilian Region, with a series of events open to the general public designed to tell the world of wine in a simple and exciting way.

“This year there will be more wine producers, sponsors and collateral companies – so the organizers Massimiliano Morghese, Giuseppe D’Aguanno and Marco Busalacchi. Avvinando is an event in which the world of wine converges: from the biological to the biodynamic, from natural companies to conventional ones. Each producer will tell their own story, their passion and their way of making wine with their own production philosophy ».

The adhesions are growing and almost one hundred wineries will take part at this field. A large program of tastings, guided tastings and events are planned, all organized to underline between wine and the cultural heritage.

Then again an outdoor village with typical Sicilian products, street food, music, cooking shows and masterclasses dedicated not only to the world of winemaking excellence, but also to gastronomy.

Avvinando Wine Fest is one of the key events in the wine sector in Southern Italy. “Seminars will be held at the Cre.Zi.Plus space with ten wine producers entirely dedicated to the environmental sustainability of the wine world,” said Massimiliano Morghese. In addition, a laboratory with Pellegrino Winery with the curious name “5 Grilli per la testa” in which there will be the possibility of tasting five different types of Grillo. We will close – concludes Morghese – with a culinary final space in which there will be a theme dinner with a couple of high-sounding chefs ».

Original article on Orogastronomico.it written by Marcello Malta