• DiVino: Italy in the bottle – La Repubblica

    A journey through the wine labels of our country, to discover the small and great excellences of italian wineries.

    Ours is a country that has always been linked to wine since ancient Rome. Understand the italian wine field is not always easy, even for enthusiasts. DiVino is a column, written by Laura Di Cosimo, who wants to accompany the enthusiast among labels and different realities. Sometimes diametrically opposed. So here you could find the Passito di Pantelleria Ben Ryè next to the Vernaccia di San Gimignano, and again Terlodego that adorns the Dolomites arm in arm with that Greco di Tufo that talk about Irpinia around the world.

    Red Wines of Piedmont, Super Tuscan, Sicilian dessert wines and much more. The map of Italy could be rewritten and re-read – and in part it already is, if we consider the weight of wine tourism – based on the wealth of its wine heritage.

    White, red, rosé: choose your favorite or let yourself be intrigued.

    The Sicilian wisdom of Grillo Parlante

    The story of Lorenza Scianna, an oenologist who fell in love with wine under the Trapani sunsets and now leads the Fondo Antico winery.

    The complete article can be found on Repubblica.it written by Lara De Luna

  • WineTasting Fondo Antico – Winery&Putia Le Petit Tonneau a Cefalù (PA)

    WineTasting “Cantina Fondo Antico” 
    Sunday 18th August | 7:30 pm
    Cefalù, Via Calagrande

    “The pride for its origins and the passion for the Sicilian land, tenacious and generous, capable of revealing its kind side only to those who know how to love it and take care of it”. A declaration of love, a strong bond with sicilian heritage, an unconditional attachment to the territory: we are introducing you Fondo Antico, the winery that we are hosting next Sunday at Winery&Putia Le Petit Tonneau in Cefalù (PA)

    Reservation are required

    More informations : 0921421447

  • I Migliori Vini Italiani di Luca Maroni 2020

    I Migliori Vini Italiani
    Scheda degustativa annuario 2020
    Fondo Antico

    I Migliori Vini Italiani
    Scheda degustativa annuario 2020
    Fondo Antico

    Nero d’Avola 2017 91 points
    Il Coro di Fondo Antico 2017 91 points
    Aprile 2018 91 points
    Bello Mio 2018 91 points
    Grillo Parlante 2018 93 points
    Baccadoro Passito 93 points

  • DiVino Festival – 2/3/4 August 2019 in Castelbuono (PA)

    In Castelbuono it’s time for DiVino Festival! The prestigious International Festival dedicated to excellent food and wine culture reaches its twelfth edition and returns, for three days of extraordinary and truly unmissable events, with a real “parterre de Roi” of great names in Castelbuono.

    The streets and squares of the splendid and renowned medieval Sicilian village will experience unforgettable moments and atmospheres, in the sign of the very great quality that, since the first edition, moves the festival organizers and city administrators.

    Fondo Antico will be present for the wine tasting that will be held on Sunday 4 August 2019 from 6.30 pm to midnight on the occasion of the event.

  • Calici Di Stelle 2019 in Sicily – Partinico (PA)

    With glasses looking at the stars, to admire the starry sky of our land, Sicily. On Saturday 10th August 2019 Fondo Antico awaits you, along with other Sicilian and Italian wineries, at the Calici di Stelle event, which will be held at Real Cantina Borbonica in Partinico (PA).

    Also this year Associazione Nazionale Città del Vino and Movimento del Turismo del Vino promote “Calici di Stelle”, the most awaited summer event for wine tourists and wine lovers.

    For this edition all the events, which will be held throughout Italy, will be dedicated to the conquest of the moon, on the fiftieth anniversary of the landing of the American Apollo 11 astronauts on the terrestrial satellite that took place on 21th July 1969.

    Calici di Stelle 2019 is organized by Pro Loco Cesarò of Partinico, in a prestigious location. Real Cantina Borbonica is an extraordinary building, unique in Sicily, which was the storage and the sales center for the products made by the royal company. Today hosts the Canine puppet museum, declared a UNESCO heritage site, and the Garifo puppet museum.

    Real Cantina Borbonica 9 pm

    Via Principe Umberto 312 Partinico (PA)

    Free Entry – Wine Tasting with Ticket

    Info&Reservation: prolococesaro.partinico@virgilio.it tel. 3331599225

  • Patricia Thomson – Summer Whites from Sicily

    Fifteen years ago in Sicily, it didn’t matter where you went—seafood shack or elegant restaurant—the “bianco” side of the wine list was short and unappealing. Nothing spoils a nice fish dinner like a flabby, flavorless white, but Sicilians had long settled for these depressing wines, the product of a quantity-over-quality mentality that’s prevailed ever since the post-war recovery, when Sicily became a leader in bulk wine. I imagine the locals simply shrugged and said, “What’re ya gonna do? Sicily’s hot.” Over-ripe grapes and insipid whites were a fact of life.

    With 620 miles of coast, Sicily is awash in seafood. At morning fish markets, giant tunas hang from hooks ready to be sliced into thick steaks, and fishmongers bark at shoppers to inspect their morning’s catch, glistening on ice. At evening time, diners at seaside trattorie crowd around plastic tables and greedily tuck into spaghetti with clams while their kids pry open spiky sea urchins and spread the coral flesh onto sesame bread.

    So you’d think there’d be an abundance of crisp white wines to accompany this maritime bounty, right? Wrong. That is, until recently.


    If there’s a star of this show, it’s grillo. Until the 1990s, this grape was wholly obscure, used exclusively for Marsala, and even then it played second fiddle to catarratto. No one dreamed of turning it into a dry wine—until Marco De Bartoli came along.

    It took another decade for wineries to follow suit. Everyone thought him nuts, and the wine was hard to market thanks to a linguistic coincidence: grillo also means ‘cricket’ in Italian.

    Today grillos abound, but the prevailing style eschews oak and aims for easy drinking, highlighting the citrus or tropical fruit flavors. Grillo is often planted near the shore, where sea breezes cool the grapes and bolster acidity. That might explain the salty finish on some (trust me, that’s a good thing).

    Long thought to be indigenous, grillo was confirmed to be a cross between catarratto and zibibbO a decade ago and its creator credited: Sicilian agronomist Antonino Mendola made this hybrid in 1874 “to create a more aromatic Marsala,” according to his notes. Two biotypes exist: one is fresh and bright, with some salinity; the other is rounder, higher in alcohol, with honeyed aromas. Clearly, a winery’s choice greatly effects its grillo style.

    Other examples to try: Abbazia Santa Anastasia’s Grillo, Ceuso’s Scurati Bianco, Fondo Antico’s Grillo Parlante, Spadafora’s Grillo 

    You could find the original article on patriciathomson.net

  • Zibibbo&Zafferano Dinner – Enna (EN)

    Z & Z
    Zibibbo e Zafferano at Tommy’s Wine Enoteca-Osteria. Appointments focused on food&wine are back on Monday 22th July at 8.30 pm.

    With the aromatic quality of a Dry Zibibbo, vinified by Fondo Antico winery called Bello Mio, we will eat two dishes made with saffron: our penne with saffron with seasonal vegetables and beef meatballs with saffron cream.

    Fondo Antico Winery, with Zibibbo grapes, produces a truly excellent dry white wine, Bello Mio. The winemaking phases include a cooling of the grapes on receipt, a soft pressing and vinification in steel at a controlled temperature. Then the aging for 4 months on the fine lees always in steel. “Bello mio” is a dry fragrant, exuberant and at the same time delicate white. The color is a bright yellow with greenish reflections, to the nose it is expressed with citrus notes, from bergamot to bitter orange and with delicate floral notes from rose to jasmine. On the palate the aromatic profile perceived on the nose is confirmed, accompanied by a savory and fresh note.

    Info&Reservation 0935.502937

    Tommy’s Wine – Piazza Francesco Paolo Neglia, 1, 94100 Enna EN