With glasses looking at the stars, to admire the starry sky of our land, Sicily. On Saturday 10th August 2019 Fondo Antico awaits you, along with other Sicilian and Italian wineries, at the Calici di Stelle event, which will be held at Real Cantina Borbonica in Partinico (PA).

Also this year Associazione Nazionale Città del Vino and Movimento del Turismo del Vino promote “Calici di Stelle”, the most awaited summer event for wine tourists and wine lovers.

For this edition all the events, which will be held throughout Italy, will be dedicated to the conquest of the moon, on the fiftieth anniversary of the landing of the American Apollo 11 astronauts on the terrestrial satellite that took place on 21th July 1969.

Calici di Stelle 2019 is organized by Pro Loco Cesarò of Partinico, in a prestigious location. Real Cantina Borbonica is an extraordinary building, unique in Sicily, which was the storage and the sales center for the products made by the royal company. Today hosts the Canine puppet museum, declared a UNESCO heritage site, and the Garifo puppet museum.

Real Cantina Borbonica 9 pm

Via Principe Umberto 312 Partinico (PA)

Free Entry – Wine Tasting with Ticket

Info&Reservation: prolococesaro.partinico@virgilio.it tel. 3331599225