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    It is often said that “union is strength”, but if this union is composed of capable, stubborn, willful, well-prepared people who dedicate their time to do good only for the good itself? Well then here we can find volcanic people like Micol Ferrara who, with her joy for life, manages to combine more people together in a unique, appetizing and solidarity project “Inside / Out Shared Food”.

    This project, which embraces the whole of Italy in a supportive embrace, is in favor of women who are in the district homes for minor crimes and supports the non-profit company of Luciana Delle DonneOfficina Creativa”. Food is the most appropriate vehicle to raise awareness of a topic that is often inconvenient to deal with, but which, on the contrary, by knowing it, one can understand how much humanity there is behind the walls of the prison. She is the founder and CEO of “Officina Creativa”, a non-profit company that deals with the reintegration of women in prisons and works through two brands: Made in Carcere and 2nd Chance and recently also a new product, Scappatelle , made by the people who are in the district houses of Bari and Nisida and are organic and vegan biscuits. Every year Micol loves to dedicate herself for free, but with all of herself, to a project in which she strongly believes and that above all embodies a fundamental concept “to do good only for the good itself”, and from here comes the collaboration with the non-profit organization “1 caffè” founded by Beniamino Savio of which the actor Luca Argentero is vice president. The non-profit organization supports assistance projects related to difficult situations, such as poverty, marginalization, racism, etc. and after having proposed the Inside / Out Shared Food project, with joy this was accepted. Taking advantage of the possible multimedia channels, on the home page of the site, or on Twitter, text messages, etc. from 3 to 9 June p.v. a coffee or a breakfast can be donated to Inside / Out Shared Food depending on the donation of 1 or 5 euros.

    A series of events related to this initiative will begin. We will start from Turin on June 4th at 1.30pm at the “Du Cesari” Restaurant by chef Danilo Pelliccia with the initiative “Una Carbonara e un Caffè”, where, in addition to the legendary Chef’s carbonara, you can taste typical dishes of the Roman tradition like the Gricia with figs, Tonnarelli alla Nerone, Cacio e Pepe and Menta Nepitella. Danilo Pelliccia immediately enjoyed Made in Carcere project, in fact he and his entire staff wore the aprons sewn by the prisoners. During lunch, together with the general secretary of the non-profit organization “1 coffee” Silvia Meacci, Micol Ferrara will talk about the project and the mission of this initiative to which Danilo will offer the first 100 coffees. Then we will go to Sicily where two restaurants “Bastioni & Costanza” and “Enosteria Sicula” will open the doors of their restaurants to support the project.

    On 7 June at the “Enosteria Sicula” of the restaurateurs Piero Scelfo, Danilo Ciulla, Massimo Rallo, an aperitif will be held at 7.00 pm where the bruschetta will be the highlight. From the most classic to the gourmet ones where the leitmotiv will be the freshness and seasonality of the product. All that is found fresh from fish, meat and vegetables, we will taste them in the finger food par excellence of our tradition, the bruschetta among which three in particular designed starting from the suggestions of the women who are in the district houses: sparacelli shrimp and lard, broad beans and crispy cod, white caponata and almonds.

    Bruschette will be paired with wines from the winery Fondo Antico, from Trapani. Two fresh, joyful wines that recall the scents of spring, rebirth, the prelude to something new, good and beautiful: Aprile, a rosé of Nero d’Avola, and Dry Zibibbo Bello Mio.

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  • Avvinando Wine Fest 2019 – Wining.it

    For this 8th edition of Avvinando Wine Fest, the event recorded four thousand visitors in two days, a hundred wineries and about 800 labels.

    Credit for success goes, of course, to the organizers Massimiliano Morghese, Giuseppe D’Aguanno and Marco Busalacchi who are committed to creating “the richest edition ever” citing their words. It is no coincidence that the selection of participating wineries has been very accurate and has followed precise quality criteria. From biological to biodynamic, from “natural” to “conventional” wines, each producer told his own story, his passion and his way of making wine, with his own production philosophy.

    The festival, “staged” at the Cantieri Culturali at the Zisa in Palermo on 11st and 12nd May, finds its strength in the presence of producers, ready to tell their own story to the increasingly numerous public of wine lovers, who loves to taste wines that represent a terroir, hearing wines’ informations directly from those who produce them, experiencing, every day, in first person, the choice to focus on quality relying on their own abilities.

    So, among full glasses, bright smiles and interesting encounters in the “magic” wine world, there were, however, moments of reflection such as the seminar focused “We work every day to leave our children a better environment than ours” in occasion of which Lucrezia Lamastra, scientific coordinator of the SOStain program, spoke of sustainability in the Sicilian vitiviniculture with the referents of Cusumano, Tasca D’Almerita and Planeta wineries through the story of the project that this wineris share following the desire to communicate good agricultural practices aimed at respect for the ecosystem and absolute transparency towards the consumer.

    On Sunday 12nd there was also an interesting laboratory of the Pellegrino Winery entitled “Quattro Grilli per la Testa” in which four wines were tasted, all produced with Grillo grapes. The laboratory led by Carla Spatafora, Brand Ambassador of the winery and by Luigi Salvo, delegate of Ais Palermo. The winetasting would show how it is possible obtain absolutely different wines from Grillo variety. We tasted four different Grillo Wines, produced in different ways, that come from different soils and part of Sicily. Grillo has become extremely versatile and able, contrary to what was believed in the past, to hold up well time thanks to a marked minerality and acidity given to the grapes by some lands closer to the sea.

    Here are some of our best Sicilian wine tastings:

    Fondo Antico – Grillo Parlante 2018

    Bright straw yellow color. The nose offers elegant notes of white flowers, pear and apple and Mediterranean aromas of sage and rosemary. In the mouth the sip is lively and permeates the palate thanks to a strong savory trail that lengthens the memory.

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  • Best Perricone wines in Sicily – ViniDiSicilia.blog

    Between the late nineteenth and early twentieth century, Perricone was one of the most widespread and exclusive varieties of the sicilian island, especially in the territory between Palermo and Trapani. Its decline began with the phylloxeric invasion which destroyed its cultivation; it was also known with the synonyms of pignatello (in the Trapani area) and tuccarino.

    Between the late nineteenth and early twentieth century, Perricone was one of the most widespread and exclusive varieties of the sicilian island, especially in the territory between Palermo and Trapani. Its decline began with the phylloxeric invasion which destroyed its cultivation; it was also known with the synonyms of pignatello (in the Trapani area) and tuccarino.

    In Sicily they restarted to cultivate this indigenous grape in recent times, but in the meantime other black grapes more profitable and resistant to cryptogamic agents had spreaded themselves around the island. After years in which the reappearance of the Perricone on the Sicilian territory was desired by many, also linked to the morphological characteristics that well adapt it to the soil of the island, but without too many convictions in practice, there is a recent reversal of trend and a happy rediscovery of the variety, which has been replanted by many and currently provides several excellent labels.

    Today it is quite cultivated especially in the western area of the island – also because it is a recommended variety only in the provinces of Palermo, Trapani and Agrigento – especially in the area of Trapani. It contributes, sometimes with low percentages, to the composition of many Sicilian Denominations and is contemplated as a pure typology in the Doc Sicily.

    Today it is increasingly common to find the Perricone vinified in purity, while the custom of using it in association with other black and white varieties remains. The wine that is generally obtained has intense vinous, fruity and spicy aromas, followed by a savory, warm and well-balanced taste, supported by a decisive tannic note that can draw an excellent personality but also, if not well managed, overly dry and astringent final sensations.

    Perricone bunch is of medium size, long and sometimes very long (up to 33 centimeters), cylindrical-conical or conical-pyramidal, of medium compactness. The grape is large or medium-large, spherical, with a thick, pruinose, black-blue skin. When it reaches maturity, usually around mid-September, the grapes have a good sugar level and low acidity.

    Fondo Antico, Rilievo (TP)

    Giuseppe Polizzotti is the owner of this company and the custodian of a family tradition that goes back two generations: its vineyards are located in the countryside between Paceco and Fulgatore, inland from the winery. Intense notes of red fruit and a strong component of herbal tea characterize Per Te 2017 (10,000 bottles), which is well expressed also served at a white temperature.

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  • La Notte del Rosè Art, Music & Wine – 16th May 2019 Rome

    From the material to Art, from instrument to the melody, from the earth to the glass, in order to stimulate and elevate body, mind and soul.

    Thursday 16th May, from 8 pm
    Teatro Arciliuto – Roma

    Wine Tasting
    “Bruvè” Metodo Classico – Usiglian del Vescovo (Sangiovese)
    “Gabry” Pet Nat Metodo Ancestrale – Viticoltori Lenza (Aglianico)
    “Dama” – Schiena Vini (Negroamaro)
    Rosato – Tenute Mirabelli (Sangiovese)
    “Aprile” – Fondo Antico (Nero d’Avola)
    “Osè” – Azienda Vinicola Federici (Shiraz)
    “I Tre Volti” – Leonardo Pallotta (Nero di Troia, Negroamaro e Montepulciano)
    “Calema” – Vini Cav. Antonio Malena
    “Colmo di Cielo” – Podere Dell’anselmo (Sangiovese)
    “Vale” – Viticoltori Lenza (Aglianico)
    Cirò Rosato – Cav. Antonio Malena (Gaglioppo)
    “Il Sangiosè” – Usiglian del Vescovo (Sangiovese)
    “Rosathea” – Castel De Paolis (Moscato Rosa)
    and much more….

    Art works
    Livia Galeazzi

    Live Music Set
    Michele Mud

    ft. Anna Iacovino & Giovanni Samaritani

    Happy Hour & Light Dinner

    Enjoy Us:
    335 421015 / info@dgexperience.it
    FB: DGexperience / www.dgexperience.it

  • Palermo e le Strade del Vino – Sicilian Rosè WineTasting

    Thursday, May 9th from 7 pm La Bottiglieria Del Massimo in Palermo, is planning the sixth appointment of “Palermo e Le Strade Del Vino”, the event dedicated, this time, to rosé wines of Sicily. You will cross the island, in a journey that will traverse from the west to the east, the most suitable wine areas. There will be rosé wines from different types of autochthonous vines, from Nero d’avola to Nerello Mascalese.

    Palermo e le Strade del Vino is confirmed as an appointment of trend in the city and success, thanks to the large participation and appreciation of the food quality offered. The sixth appointment follows the previous ones dedicated to the Cerasuolo of Vittoria, the Etna Rosso, the Nero d’avola, the Mamertino and the lighthouse, the Perricone in the perspective of the enhancement of the indigenous Sicilian vines and with the aim of promoting in the city the culture of the good drink and knowledge of wine. For the tasting is expected to buy a ticket of 20 euros (includes the dish with the scallops).

    During the evening, 14 rosé wines will be tasted, paired with brandy scallops. The participating wineries are : Cva Canicattì, Feudo Montoni, Fondo Antico, Di Giovanna, Gulfi, I Custodi delle vigne dell’Etna, Palmento Costanzo, Paolo Calì, Porta del Vento, Piano dei Daini, Regaleali, Tenuta delle Terre Nere, Tenuta di Fessina, Tenute Mannino di Plachi.

    Article by Palermo Today

  • Fondo Antico Wine Tasting at WineHouse – Trapani

    Friday 3rd May we are pleased to host at the Winehouse, the Fondo Antico winery.

    During the evening we will taste Bello Mio (Dry Zibibbo) with a bite of buffalo mozzarella and swordfish, Lumierè (Chardonnay) with roasted bread with tuna, Syrah with a mushroom flan and Per Te (Perricone) with cous cous with vegetables. Finally the dessert will be accompanied by the Baccadoro passito wine.

    Contribution of the evening € 20.00
    Reservation is required
    For info & reservations on 3299714256
    Winehouse, Via Admiral Staiti 47 – Trapani

  • The first event dedicated to wines from native Sicilian grapes, from 22nd to 24th March 2019

    Cefalù becomes the protagonist of the “three days” of this first edition of Vigen wine.

    This amazing city will be hosted thirty wineries that produce and promote sicilian wines made by indigenous grapes. A path of knowledge and complete discovery that will be enhanced by natural and architectural landscape beauties.

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